Alpha CC has now taken over the running of Tenterden Volunteer Centre (TVC) and is working closely with “Helping in Tenterden” to harness the significant volunteering activities as the community moves forward and the needs for volunteers continues but change in nature. If you are interested in helping please contact us and keep an eye on this page and our web site (www.tenterdenvolunteercentre.org.uk) as we publish the various volunteering opportunities.  



Many smaller charities need volunteer support to deliver their very valuable services but often struggle with various aspects. Some find it relatively easy to attract volunteers but struggle to find the skills and commitment/reliability they need. Other charities, especially those working with a relatively rare problem, find it difficult to attract volunteers in the first place because they do not have a high profile. With limited resources and finance it is challenging to provide the right training, support and motivation to ensure the volunteers are engaged and delivering effectively.
We recognise that for many charities’ volunteers are their lifeblood and have developed a service to help any type or size of charity.

doing work together

What we will do for you:

Stage 1. Fact-find. We will have an initial meeting to establish:

·       What you are looking for from volunteers – experience, motivation, commitment, location, roles/activities, pervious experience.

·       What is your existing volunteer activity including previous methods of recruitment?

·       Probe and challenge for new or different roles, activities and opportunities

·       Documentation and process review and provide templates for any gaps

·       Discuss volunteer retention rates and any issues or problems the charity may have encountered with regard to volunteering

Stage 2.

  • Put together a comprehensive action plan to include all our services

·       Agree a plan of action and selected services

·       Set you up on our secure CRM recording system

Stage 3.

·       Run a recruitment campaign using agreed media and activities including: email, social media, posters/flyers, networking events, recruitment events such as pop-up cafes and other organised events

·       Agree the communication message and format so it reflects the charity’s identity and brand values, our communication will be designed to work with other communications from the charity

·       Record all interest on our secure CRM system.

·       Communicate with interested candidates, complete application forms and match with your charity’s needs

·       Identify any gaps such as DBS check

·       Contact you with matched candidates and agree an introductory meeting

·       Follow up with candidates and confirm their suitability after an agreed time (1 month?)

Stage 4

·       Volunteer induction. We will run volunteer induction sessions providing them with basic understanding of what volunteering is and include any specific skills they may need (Full training will be provided by you)

·       Charity review – meet with you to assess the success of the programme

·       Volunteer review – talk with the placed volunteers to assess their level of satisfaction and ongoing commitment and motivation

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