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Why should employers support employee volunteering?

Employer Supported volunteering (ESV)

What is ESV?

Employer-supported volunteering gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during, or outside of, working hours whether this is in the form of time off for individual volunteering or in a programme developed by the employer such as a team challenge event or ongoing arrangement with a community partner. Organisations have an impact on the communities in which they operate, and many employers have introduced different types of volunteering programmes for employees to support community organisations and charities with their time and skills.

Why organise an ESV scheme?

Successful ESV programmes bring mutual benefits and are of value to all parties involved. The recipients, whether charities, public sector bodies or community groups, gain skills, advice and expertise whilst employees gain skills development opportunities and a sense of giving back. In return, employers enhance their brand and reputation with their employees and wider society, but most importantly can integrate ESV as a key part of their learning and development strategies.

What are the benefits?

Individuals - People who volunteer through work are twice as likely to rate the business culture as positive, be satisfied with career progression and happy with their employer. They also feel loyal and proud to work for the company

Business - The company image and reputation is enhanced with customers and employees

It is a great way of demonstrating social responsibility and building a positive reputation for your business in the locality.

  • Employees’ skills are developed, and morale and motivation are increased

  • Team working within and across departments can be improved

  • A commitment to developing strong and healthy communities is demonstrated

  • Networks are created with customers and partners

  • Valuable insight into the community in which you operate

  • Positive publicity